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Likert Scale

Published / by William

Here’s another good video I found that discusses the Likert Scale and how to analyze questionnaire data. If you’re looking for some information about the Likert Scale in general, here’s a link the Wikipedia page on it; it full of useful information.

I hope you enjoy this video…let me know your thoughts…

Here’s a link to the video on YouTube.

Back to the Basics

Published / by William

I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s post on analysis of variance (ANOVA).

In retrospect, my first post on this subject probably should’ve started with something a bit more basic to help build more of a foundation on statistical analysis. Today, I’d like to share a video I found that provides an introduction to statistics, particularly levels of measurement.

This video can also be found on YouTube by clicking here.

To get things started….

Published / by William

As I mentioned in the “About Me” page, I found several concepts difficult to grasp while in college. One in particular is Analysis of Variance (ANOVA). Here’a video I found on YouTube that is pretty useful.