Conditional Probability

Sorry that it’s been a little while since my last post, I was away on vacation for a couple of weeks. While away, I caught up with an old college friend. He’s the owner of West Hartford Roofing Services in West Hartford, Connecticut. While reminiscing of college years, we talked about the statistics class we took together, and both struggled with together. We were talking about how most of what we learned in college has been forgotten, and that most of what we do remember is pretty much useless to us today. And that is the segway into today’s topic of conditional probability. To this day, we still both remember the concepts of conditional probability, but we’re not quite sure if it’s been of much use since the day we finished that class.

As many of you know, conditional probability is used to determine the probability that an event (B) will occur, given that an event (A) has already occurred. Seems simple enough, but it can get confusing. I found this video on YouTube for anyone that is looking for some helpful guidance with understanding the concepts. Enjoy!!